The SASTA Council endeavours to promote the interchange of scientific knowledge as well as discussion and investigation of technical problems related to the production and processing of sugarcane products within the South African sugar industry. As growers are the end-users of a substantial portion of the research being presented at the annual congress, SASTA organises a Roadshow each year in a targeted area, to take essential work and presentations to the SASTA Growers who were unable to attend Congress.

SASTA regrets to inform its members that the SASTA Roadshow due to be held on the 23rd Feb 2012 in Mpumalanga has been cancelled.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  This Roadshow will continue to be an annual event held after Congress every year where specific presentations presented at Congress the previous year are presented to those members that were unable to attend the formal Congress at the ICC.  This Roadshow is held in different locations across the SA Sugar Industry.  The location and date for the next Roadshow is still to be determined.  As soon as this has been finalised we will circulate this information to SASTA Members.